Health Care Facilities

The design needs of health care facilities are based on the fact that they provide a wide range of services and cater to varying patient mobility levels. Added to this is the complexity of designing around the individual as well as fixed and mobile equipment needs of different care settings. In order to identify the complexity of the design of each care setting, the following key questions should be considered in the planning stage:

  • Who will be using the area, short and long term?
  • What tasks will be performed in this area?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • How does this area interact with other parts of the health care facility?
  • How does this area interact with outside services, for example ambulance and funeral directors?
  • What are the future needs of this area?

Hill-Rom has significant experience of designing care settings with these factors in mind. To get inspiration and explore how Hill-Rom's Construction Portal can take you from concept to reality, please click on the menu.