Medical and other therapy

All children’s education centres should have designated areas for visiting medical professionals for the treatment and care of children. All therapy facilities should be located in the same area. Allow sufficient space for wheelchairs and trolleys. One or more of the following spaces is recommended:

  • Large medical room (18-25 sqm) preferably equipped with a ceiling lift. Where mobile lifts are used more space may be needed. All rooms should be equipped with a height adjustable couch
  • Fully equipped physiotherapy room (25-30 sqm)
  • Multi-purpose support space (25-30 sqm) equipped with height adjustable coach, clinical wash hand basin and screen changing area

In addition the following design guidelines should be taken into consideration:

  • Slip-resistant floor that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-abrasive wall coverings
  • Appropriate furniture and fittings
  • Lighting should be of good quality (both artificial and natural lighting)
  • Sound insulation for consultation privacy and sufficient screens, blinds or curtains to provide visual privacy
  • Sufficient and secure storage facilities
  • Ceiling lifts or sufficient space for mobile lifts

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