Children's Education Centres

Lifting children is not like lifting small adults. Children have special needs and therefore require special considerations. The design of children’s education centres need to be both attractive and easily accessible, ensuring that those with special education needs (SEN) and disabilities are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and succeed, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. The following design principles provide key characteristics to achieving an inclusive school design:

  • Access: simple, clear layout, accessible circulation routes, ergonomic design details (such as door handles), escape routes easily accessed by disabled people
  • Space: enough space to take into account mobility aids, specialist equipment for communicating, storage and space for additional staff and caregivers
  • Sensory awareness: design should take into account the complex sensory needs of children with varying disabilities through the selected use of colour, light, sound, texture and aromas 
  • Enhancing learning: creation of accessible activity areas taking into account furniture, fittings and mobility equipment
  • Flexibility and adaptability: design should be flexible for every-day needs and adaptable enough to meet both current and future needs of children with SEN and disabilities
  • Health and well-being: good school design should promote health and well-being and consider life from the child’s perspective including ventilation, accessible personal care facilities and specialist medical and therapy facilities
  • Safety and security: designers need to consider zoning to reflect different functions, visibility of children at all times and design that minimises risk while maximising development opportunities
  • Sustainability: all designs should be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable

Hill-Rom has significant experience of designing settings within children’s education centres with these factors in mind. To get inspiration and explore how Hill-Rom's Construction Portal can take you from concept to reality, please click on the menu on the left.