Eastleigh Care Home

Minehead, Somerset. New £3 million 60 bed care home built in Jan 2012. Early involvements with the Care home management team regarding their hoist requirements. They preferred Overhead option but concerns as only some of the residents would require hoisting some of the time. Some rooms could go 6 months or a year with no hoist requirement.

After many discussions decision was to install Overhead Rails into all of the 60 rooms but only order 20 No 200kg motors. The motors are always the most expensive part of the install, with this method meant all rooms would have the potential coverage and the motors could be moved around the care home as required (as they were quick release connections and no tools required).

Also if there was a greater demand for motors the home could order additional motors in the future as all Hill-Rom motors can be fitted on all are rails as the profile is the same.

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