Designing for safe patient handling

Workplace design and the selection and use of patient handling equipment are inextricably linked. As legislation linked to safe patient handling requirements evolves, so the Liko overhead lifting solutions from Hill-RomĀ® are proving to be the preferred choice for architects in the healthcare sector. In the early stages of the design process, patient handling work practices and the equipment to be used needs to be determined in order to ensure the design will be functional. Some of the generic design considerations for safe patient handling include:

  • optimisation of workflow and safety
  • site development including access and exit points for people and vehicles
  • furniture
  • fixtures such as privacy curtains, bathrooms and medical services
  • patient handling equipment
  • electrical and mechanical fittings
  • lifts/elevators
  • nurse call systems
  • doors and door openings
  • floor surfaces chosen
  • ceiling, floor and wall strength and capacity
  • equipment storage requirements

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